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  • Rolling Out New Technology

    Missed the last meeting?  No worries.  Click the link below for the slide deck to the presentation.
  • A Blueprint: How to Effectively Roll Out New Technology

    ​Join us on Tuesday, March 20th in Waterville as we learn how to best promote changing technology in the workplace.  Kevin Winfrey from Tilson Tech will take us through the technology lifecycle process.​  Click the link below FMI and to register:​

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  • Posted in: Maine, Fairfied, ME

    Please review the attached slide deck to evaluate your company's ability to generate income through A/P.

  • Posted in: Maine, Fairfied, ME

    Recent GAAP accounting updates may impact your company's accounting procedures, policies, and financial statements.  Review this slide deck for a good synopsis of these changes, so you can stay in the driver's seat and not be left in the dust! http://bit.ly/2qySjVZ ...

  • Posted in: Maine, Fairfied, ME

    This presentation by Adam Victor of Systems Engineering demonstrates why it's important to establish a data breach response plan. Click the link to stay ahead of the inevitable and to know how to respond when it does happen. Cyber Security Presentation ...

  • Posted in: Maine, Fairfied, ME

    Lean Construction is a compelling and powerful way to streamline processes and cut costs in a construction company. The concepts can easily be transferred to any business. January's meeting was chock full of learning to be Lean, here is the Powerpoint ...